5 Steps to Courageous Leadership Today!

Audacious - Undaunted – Heroic – Extraordinary – Daring…. Leadership: we admire it by any of these descriptors because of the element of risks taken and surmounted. Fear conquered, risks rewarded, courage prevailed. We not only admire it but aspire to it – in order to set ourselves apart as leaders beyond the easy and [...]

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Organization CHANGE…5 Truths

Perhaps the old saying about “death and taxes” needs revising. What we can inevitably count on today – all of us – is change. In many organizations we have developed the ability to talk about, model and organize projects around “change”. It’s not new news anymore when we talk about changes happening in our work [...]

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Self-Aware Leaders Ignite Team Creativity

But how does that work? It is worth exploring the connection between self-awareness and creativity. Leaders can tap that well-spring of creativity and innovation within themselves and their team members by understanding how the connection works. First, just what does self-awareness do for a leader? Among other things, it removes blind spots that undermine possibilities. [...]

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Should an Under-Valued Leader Leave?

3 Questions to ask yourself if you are that leader. Being a leader is not an easy or simple role. It is complex, difficult, ever-changing and also can be highly rewarding. As a leader, should you make a change if you feel under-valued in your current company? What about the risks of leaving something known [...]

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Do You Know What Your Stakeholders Think of You?

A leader’s self-awareness seldom happens through hoping for the best. Self-awareness comes from actively seeking input, asking the right questions, and listening. In your role as leader you have myriad stakeholders who influence your effectiveness as a leader and impact the outcome of your work. Do you know the perceptions these stakeholders have of you [...]

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12 Questions That Make One-to-One Meetings More Meaningful

Leaders, Are you Stuck in 1:1 “Ground Hog Day”? Leaders often look very surprised when I tell them that their team members remember conversations they’ve had with their boss for a long time. And when those conversations are meaningful, they go home and share what was said with their spouses. Many team members feel a [...]

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Strengths-Based Employee Development Report Highlights

Bad news for nay-sayers, punishers and “spare the rod, spoil the child” advocates! The highlights in Gallup’s July 2016 report Strengths-Based Employee Development: The Business Results, tell a fascinating story. •  Managers account for 70% of variance in engagement across business results •  Gallup studied strengths-based practices for 1.2 million employees globally •  Strengths-based companies [...]

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Human Resources – Why Is It So Confusing?

I recently had the opportunity to interview a Senior HR Leader in Silicon Valley to ask her a few of the tough questions about HR, the group we love to hate, and about her journey in that field. She has been a valued HR Leader in several technology companies and has had some unique experiences [...]

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5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Success

“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” —Winston Churchill A friend and I were talking about being ‘wired for fear’. She wants to make a career change – but fears she won’t be successful. It feels scary. She is not alone. She has a spouse and [...]

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Learning Leadership—A Polarity Or “It’s All Good”?

Can Leadership Be Learned? First of all, we should address the age-old question: can leadership be learned? I am going to say a resounding YES! Everyone is born with the capacity to lead, and everyone can continually develop their leadership acumen to a higher level of effectiveness. In a July 2016 article Learning Leadership: You [...]

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