In today’s digital, global, fast-paced business environment, the opportunity for leaders remains the same;  Inspiring people to work together towards a common goal, constructively problem solving and resolving conflict, innovating and implementing successful solutions.

Based on long-standing research and methodologies for motivation, effective communications and leadership, this training is ideal for technical experts who are transition into their first informal leadership roles as team or project leaders because it provides them a foundation for future more formal leadership roles.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Get people to work with you, not for you.
  2. Constructively problem solve and resolve conflict.
  3. Make meetings more productive, moving from talk to action, improved decision-making, and guaranteed follow-up.
  4. Promote teamwork.
  5. Decrease debilitating arguments and power struggles.
  6. Increase the participant’s influence with peers and superiors.

This is a 6 hour class with up to 20 participants.