Tapping the Whole Brain® Advantage


An organization’s results depend on its brainpower. Results drive success.   By drawing on the combined analytic, organizational, strategic and interpersonal skills it takes to succeed today, organizations are able to harness the thinking styles of every individual for a “Return on Intelligence.”  That’s the Whole Brain® Advantage.

When employees put Whole Brain Thinking® to work, they approach problems, communications and planning more effectively while breaking out of self-limiting  patterns that can interfere with productivity, innovation and creativity.  With better thinking across the enterprise, organizations get better results and the competitive advantage that comes with them.

In this class, intact teams and individuals will gain insights into their own and other’s thinking styles, gain tools to make the most out of their natural preferences, and the skills to stretch outside their preferences when the situation arises.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Gain insight into individual thinking preferences and other’s thinking preferences through the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain dominance Instrument).
  2. Understand whole-brain thinking and the impact on working with colleagues.
  3. Learn how to apply whole brain thinking to communicate more effectively with peers, direct reports and managers.
  4. Foster appreciation for the value of diverse thinking styles within work groups and on projects.

This is a half-day class with up to 25 participants.