We really don’t know what the future holds. What we do know for certain is that change is a constant in the workplace. This means that what we are doing now will be different in the future.

How can you predict and prepare for the workplace of the future? What should you be doing now to make sure you don’t find yourself facing a dead end in your career, with no opportunity to change direction without crashing?

Your career journey is a life-long pursuit. Those who learn to continuously grow,develop and adapt throughout their careers will better cope with changes, experience high levels of satisfaction, and remain the most employable. With forethought and planning, you can take control of your future career today. When you realize that change is constant and you are constantly planning so you stay ahead of the game, you will find yourself in position to recognize and capitalize on opportunities that present themselves.

Gain tools and approaches to chart your personal course of action for career development to ensure that you remain current, relevant and ready for the “next opportunity.”Learn how to gain meaningful feedback, self-assess, reflect and establish a development plan to expand both a breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities, build and maintain your professional network and reputation, and engage in purposeful mentoring relationships.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Gain tools to take stock by exploring and assessing your strengths, values, interests, accomplishments and capabilities.
  • Discover your passion and purpose in defining your personal brand.
  • Assess your network and gain strategies for expanding your network and mentoring opportunities.
  • Chart your course by creating an action planfor gaining feedback and developing knowledge, expertise and the capabilities to remain current, relevant and ready for future opportunities.

This 6-hour workshop is developed as a reflective working session to gain tools and strategies for taking a proactive approach to ensuring that your skills remain viable and in-demand, long into the future.