Make Internal Interviews Work for You


This workshop is designed to demystify the interview process by providing participants with a foundational understanding of behavioral based interviewing concepts. Additionally, participants will be able to skill practice throughout the workshop to best apply these concepts, and obtain immediate feedback and coaching.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Prepare for an interview by analyzing key competencies.  An exercise builds self-awareness around strengths and  opportunities in competency areas.
  2. Effectively share examples of professional experience and interests in STAR format.  An exercise provides an opportunity to think through and articulate STAR examples, and provides practice answering relevant, behavioral questions.
  3. Respond to difficult questions in an interview.  Learn how to listen and (honestly) respond to each question in this session.
  4. Determine if a job/role is the right “fit”. An exercise provides the opportunity to analyze and identify what tasks and responsibilities bring personal satisfaction.
  5. Handle an unprepared interviewer.
  6. Close an interview on a positive note.
  7. Conduct a post-interview self-evaluation.

This is a 1-day class for up to 20 participants.