If a manager wants to be an effective leader, he or she must develop the ability to coach others. It is a core skill required of every successful manager in the 21st century.  Bottom line, coaching makes good business sense.  According to research by the Corporate Executive Board, direct reports of leaders who coach tend to outperform those with leaders who don’t, by as much as 25%.

In this class,  coaching skills will be acquired and participants will learn a proactive inquiry method that will help conduct more effective and productive development conversations within a team.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Understand the value of engaging in coaching sessions with employees.
  2. Learn and practice strengthening three key skills – authentic listening, responding with empathy and asking provocative questions.
  3. Learn to use the framework GROW for guiding your coaching conversations.
  4. Observe and practice conducting coaching conversations and plan a conversation you will conduct back on the job.  This class is based upon the work of John Whitmore in his book, Coaching for Performance.

This is a 4 hour class with up to 25 participants.