With four (and in some cases five) generations in the workforce today, tensions are inevitable but problems are avoidable. These four generations think differently, vote differently, buy differently, and dress differently. Work ethic, respect, turnover, feedback and communication tools can create real challenges for managers and organizations.

The bottom line is that what worked in the past doesn’t work now. Members of one generation will often grumble about another generation using stereotypes that mire a team in needless sticking points.

We must learn to lead rather than manage our multi-generational teams.  The same generational conflicts that cause teams to get stuck, when worked through, can produce teams that stick together.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

In this 4-hour module Leading and Developing Multi-generational Talent, you will gain greater understanding of and appreciation for generational differences, and explore a practical approach to get the four generations working together more effectively.

By applying the concepts and skills from this learning session, you will:

  • Discuss pre-work reading materials to deepen understanding of and appreciation for the misperceptions and myths associated with each generation.
  • Explore the twelve most common generational tensions that cause multi-generational teams to get stuck.
  • Understand and practice a five-step process to address generational tensions and get your teams working together more effectively.
  • Gain frameworks and practice tools for providing feedback and supporting the career development of your teams.