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Why Coaching?

  • Are you taking on a larger leadership role and committed to success from the start?
  • Have you identified your blind spots and have plans in place to make sure they don’t trip you up?
  • Do you want a bigger toolkit so you can create the results your organization needs?
  • Are you well-positioned to move into the leadership positions you’d like?

Powerfully step into the future with
our executive leadership coaching

We specialize in developing leadership potential in Managers, Directors, VPs, and the C-Suite in a variety of industries.

We have a special concentration on high tech leadership. Both group and individual coaching are available.

We focus on practical learning embedded in leaders’ current imperatives, utilizing assessment, goal setting, action planning and key metrics.

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Avanti Leadership Group Executive Coaching delivers:

  • Newly promoted leaders that can scale their expertise to achieve key results
  • Technical professionals who can build and lead high performing organizations
  • Motivated and capable leaders ready for key promotions
  • Leaders confident to think/act strategically

Pamela Beatty, Avanti Leadership Group Coach, on primary mission of Avanti’s Leadership Coaching

Avanti Best Practice Coaching Process

Rita-Graziano-Executive-CoachOur team of seasoned Leadership Coaches bring decades of expertise in Leadership principles as well as hands-on experience as Directors, VPs and Senior Managers.

Over 14 years providing coaching to leaders in a variety of companies and industries has allowed Avanti Leadership Group to provide a proven best practice Coaching Process.

Step 1: Introduction of Coach and Participating Leader to ensure appropriate match

Step 2: Alignment on purpose and outcomes of coaching engagement with: participating leader, leader’s manager, HRBP and coach.

Step 3: Definition and agreement by all of Coaching Goals.

Step 4: Periodic updates to leader’s manager

Step 5: Measure outcomes at end of engagement/Debrief with all

Avanti Leadership Group follows the Center for Creative Leadership Guidelines for 360 Assessment and Coaching ethics.