Powerfully Develop Your Full Leadership Potential


Executive, group, and team coaching to scale your leadership expertise

Long-lasting Leadership Shifts

Our team of seasoned coaches bring decades of expertise in leadership principles as well as hands-on experience as Directors, VP’s, and Senior Managers.

The Leadership Intensive

Sharpen the leadership skills you need to step into senior leader positions

Preparation for Senior Leadership

This six to seven month program reliably delivers results in developing leadership skills, habits, and behavioral changes required to successfully lead at the executive level.

Leadership & Team Learning Sessions

Build your leadership potential with learnings about teams, EQ, innovation, and more

Leadership Learning Opportunities

We offer a wide variety of Learning Sessions topics including: emotional intelligence (EQ), design thinking for innovation, selecting talent, and more.

The Leadership Journey

Quarterly invitation-only roundtable events designed for Silicon Valley leaders

Connect With Peers

The Leadership Journey Roundtable Events bring together thought-provoking speakers with the leaders of Silicon Valley for lively discussion and peer networking.
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Avanti: Results-Oriented Leadership Development

Dedicated to leadership development—we create programs, offer a variety of coaching choices, and continue to refine our Leadership Intensive with the single-minded intention of delivering the highest quality leadership-building offerings available.

Executive Coaching

Deep experience as executive leaders in organizations both large and small.

Our Coaches have themselves held key leadership positions. We have experienced first-hand the challenges and opportunities our clients face. Coupled with decades of experience in lifting leaders’ capabilities, confidence and ultimate success, our coaches can deliver the long-lasting results you are seeking.

Long-lasting results in all our work by focusing on underlying shifts in behavior.

We hold up a mirror in order to amply strengths, highlight opportunity areas, and help leaders to uncover and shift underlying behavioral drivers.

Tech Leadership

Coached and developed many professionals in Silicon Valley tech, helping them become successful leaders.

30 years partnering with tech firms to develop and grow their leaders and individuals means Avanti Leadership Group understands our clients’ needs. We work in technology because we love it and Silicon Valley companies continue to benefit from our expertise. Our commitment is beyond the coaching contract and reflects a deeper caring about each person we work with.

Team and Organization Focus

Cascading results of leadership development across an organization.

We understand that organizations are systems—intricate and interconnected. Our work focuses on the development of leaders who are the multipliers in any organization, as well as on their teams, and on the organization in which they work. We enable individual, team, and organizational success through a relentless and single-minded commitment to deliver the highest quality leadership development.

Leadership Connections

Leadership community development that accelerates leadership maturity.

Leaders have consistently told us that connecting with other leaders affords an invaluable opportunity to share experiences, gain perspective, and uncover best practices. We at Avanti Leadership Group seek to facilitate connections wherever possible.

Heartfelt Mission

Commitment beyond the coaching contract to reflect a deeper caring about each person we encounter.

The experience of watching people fully realize that they can achieve more than they thought and then shift to actually doing those things they hadn’t before imagined inspires and amazes us.

Meet Our Team

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