Low Learning Expectations

Before engaging in a learning experience, consider: what are my expectations of this investment of my time? Whether it is a class, webinar, mentoring or coaching engagement, the expectations you bring to it will impact your take-aways.

Most of us have loads of experience with the feed-forward, ‘sit down and listen’ approaches to learning, and while that works for some of us some of the time, we have a right to expect more as we learn today.

Here are a few things you have a right to expect from your learning experience:

  • Clearly stated outcomes and ways those will be measured
  • Engaging and inclusive discussions and activities
  • Learning that is facilitated in a way that taps into your strengths and acknowledges your current capabilities
  • A highly interactive and participative format
  • Clear applications for your learning content

Learner-centric experiences mean enjoyable as well as content-rich outcomes. Before engaging in a learning experience, determine if your expectations can and will be met.