Avanti Leadership Group Leadership Journey Roundtable September 2016

The Toughest Leadership of All

Presented by our guest speaker, Louis Chicoine.

Here are notes from this great get together:

Avanti Leadership Roundtable with Louis ChicoineWhat techniques work in influencing for positive cultural change?

  • Cultivate a carefully chosen group of advocates to help influence the larger group
  • Aim high
  • Listen to the motivations of those you want to influence
  • “Pilot” a change before asking for full commitment
  • Establish partnerships
  • Ask for input and advice from those you want to influence
  • Find as much common ground as possible with those of differing perspectives
  • Face up to difficult decisions – can keep some things, let go of others
  • Have a conversation about what kind of culture is wanted
  • Create guiding principles with articulated benefits
  • Rally around common goals and beliefs
  • Notice and call out differences and ask for the change
  • Leverage that we are one team with same goals
  • Make a personal connection with those you want to influence
  • When things go wrong, face it and correct

3 Leadership Dimensions – “nuggets”

Influence: have courage to do the things you don’t want to do

Relationships: seek opportunities where you have something to offer

Executive Presence: Ask for and expect more from the team